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Payment glossary

Please note: This payment glossary exists only in the German language.

What is a SEPA direct debit?

One of the most successful German payment methods is the SEPA direct debit. Formerly known as THE German payment method under the name "electronic direct debit", the direct debit procedure was extended to a total of 34 European countries in 2014 and renamed the "SEPA direct debit".

The abbreviation SEPA stands for "Single European Payment Area" and describes the community of countries that participate in the simplified international, cashless payment procedure.

How does the SEPA direct debit work?

If a buyer selects the SEPA direct debit as payment method in an online shop, he must announce his name and his IBAN (consists of country code + check digit + bank code + account number). Customers from non-Germany must also provide their BIC (Bank Identifier Code).

In addition, buyers have to confirm that the seller is authorized to collect the purchase amount by direct debit from their bank account. This is done via an advance notice (so-called "prenotification") in which the following features must be present:

  • creditor ID (unique identifier)
  • IBAN and BIC of the buyer
  • mandate reference (clear identification of the transaction)
  • expected date of collection
  • amount to be recovered

This prenotification must be made known to the buyer in a reliable way. This can be implemented within the purchase process or downstream within the purchase confirmation by e-mail.

Sounds complicated? Not with Micropayment!

As a full service payment service provider, Micropayment supports you with an optional display of prenotification in the tailor-made Micropayment payment windows. In addition, you have the option to send a confirmation of successful completion of a transaction to each buyer by e-mail with Micropayment. The prenotification can also be integrated and you can take so much effort.

Of course, following the correct commissioning of the direct debit, the legally compliant and technically demanding execution of the direct debit is also essential. Micropayment also takes that away from you. We process all direct debit orders for you, if necessary we inform the Bundesbank and then pass on the technically processed orders to our partner bank for collection.

Apply today for the activation of the SEPA direct debit in your micropayment account and start with another popular payment method!