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Fine-tuning for your donation form

Fully automated payment options of Micropayment in the fundraising box

Your professional and reliable partner for an optimal payment mix in online fundraising. Also in the fundraising box we support you with the choice of our payment methods, the integration and all other questions.

The fundraising software for nonprofit organizations. Collect donations online easily and securely. The fundraising box acts as central interface of all payments, enabling easy integration of new forms of payment.

Fundraising references

446 charitable organizations under contract. Here is a small selection of our references (as of: June 2020)

Consulting with team spirit
Your contact persons introduce themselves.

We are happy to answer your questions or give you a non-binding advice on online fundraising. In a direct phone call, by email, chat or even in a personal appointment - sign up. We are looking forward to your contact.

Thomas Knoth - Micropayment
Thomas Knoth

Head of Sales

Oliver Preuss - Micropayment
Oliver Preuss

business developer sales

free advice
0800 5 770 371

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Registration of your Micropayment account

You have decided to use our payment methods for non-profit organizations. Thank you for your trust. Just follow the instructions on this page to expand your donation form with Micropayment payment methods.

Please register your personal Micropayment account first. On the website go to the tab " Login & Login " and click on " New customer / registration ".

Registration of your Micropayment account

In the " Legal person registration " section, click on next ".

registration with Micropayment

Here are just a few steps to initiate, confirm and complete your registration. Please follow the instructions and instructions carefully during the registration process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or at +49 (0 ) 30 - 3000 772 240 .

Verification and configuration of your Micropayment account

1. Send us your documents for identification:

After the successful registration of your Micropayment account, the legitimation process follows.

Please provide us with the following documents if you are a registered association:

  • current excerpt from the register of associations (not older than 3 months)
  • Foundation documents of your association
  • current exemption certificate
  • current Articles of Association
  • two-sided ID card copy of the authorized signatory
  • Proof of your SEPA Creditor ID

Please provide us with the following documents if you are a foundation:

  • certificate of foundation
  • founding documents
  • current exemption notice
  • current Articles of Association
  • two-sided ID card copy of the authorized signatory
  • proof of your SEPA creditor ID

Please understand that further documents may be requested.

You can either upload your identification documents in your Micropayment ControlCenter, send them by email to or by fax to (+49) 30 - 3000 771.

2. Deposit of your bank account

Now deposit your bank details under " Customer data " and " Account details ", which will later be used to pay your donations.

deposit your bank account with Micropayment

3. Your first Micropayment project

Also part of the legitimacy is a quick review of your website. In order to have them ready, please create your first project in your Micropayment account. This will later also be used for the technical assignment of the individual payments.

Log in, move your mouse pointer to the " Configuration " tab and click on the sub-item " Projects ". Now click on " Create project ", fill in the form and click on " sign in " in the bottom right corner.

apply your first Micropayment project

4. Your Micropayment payment service order

For the use of the Micropayment SEPA direct debit and the Micropayment bank transfer, we will send you in parallel your personal payment service order data sheet. This is a kind of settlement contract and is completely pre-filled.

Please print the order data sheet in duplicate and have both copies signed by your authorized signatory.

Now please send both signed copies by post in the original to the following address:

Micropayment GmbH
Team Fundraising
Scharnweberstraße 69
12587 Berlin

After receipt of the order data sheet in duplicate and all further credentials, we will activate your Micropayment account.

5. Apply for your credit card acceptance

The payment method credit card of Micropayment must be requested separately. Together with your order data sheet you will optionally receive your service agreement for credit card acceptance, which we will provide you together with our partner bank, First Cash Solution GmbH.

Your credit card acceptance application will also be completely pre-filled. Please check this once. If all the information is correct, have the agreement signed at the following two points:

  • Page 3 under " 9th Submit " at the blue dot
  • page 4 under " 10th SEPA Mandate " at the blue dot

Once the signatures are set, please return your claim for credit card acceptance to the postal address in the original at the following address:

micropayment GmbH
Team Fundraising
Scharnweberstraße 69
12587 Berlin

After the activation of your acceptance, we jointly carry out a certification in accordance with the privacy policy of Visa and Mastercard (PCI:DSS) in an online questionnaire. Thereafter, the credit card is fully usable as a method of payment.

Micropayment payment methods

Micropayment Kreditkarte Visa

Donation by credit card

Several billion cardholders make credit card the most widely used payment method in cashless, international payment transactions. We handle both single and recurring donations via VISA, MasterCard or American Express for you. Micropayment has the highest certification in the handling and processing of credit card data (PCI:DSS Level 1 certified). They do not come in contact with sensitive payment data and do not need expensive certificates.

Your credit card special conditions as a non-profit organization:

powerservice feeexplanations
disagio Visa / Mastercard 1,75 % per operation
disagio AMEX--- seperate agreement
transaction0,29 EUR per operation
paying outinclusiveweekly
commitment feeinclusivemonthly
setup feeinclusiveunique
availability--- worldwide

Micropayment SEPA-Lastschrift

Donation via SEPA direct debit

Electronic direct debits are extremely popular in Germany. Micropayment processes your one-time and recurring SEPA direct debit payments - fully automated and secure.

Your SEPA Direct Debit Special Conditions as a non-profit organization:

powerservice feeexplanations
fees1,50 % per operation
transaction0,20 EUR per operation
commitment feeinclusivemonthly
setup feeinclusiveunique
availability--- SEPA

Micropayment Vorkasse per Überweisung

Your special conditions with Micropayment with the fundraising box for the bank transfer:

Prepayment by bank transfer is extremely popular with donors and is offered by most organizations as it is a fully automated system that records your cash receipts in detail and reduces all effort for you.

Your bank transfer special conditions as a non-profit organization:

powerservice feeexplanations
fees0,75 % per operation
(min. 0,10 EUR max. 5,00 EUR)
transaction0,00 EUR per operation
refund / customer credit0,08 EUR per operation
cancellation fee / cancellationstornofrei per operation
commitment feeinclusivemonthly
setup feeinclusiveunique
availability--- worldwide

These special conditions are exclusively awarded to non-profit organisations. If you want to deposit your own bank account, the fees change.