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Attention! There are currently mails in circulation, supposedly from Google, which state our mail domain as the sender. Please do not open the links in these mails under any circumstances! Please use the possibility to report these mails as phishing in your Gmail account. Thank you for your cooperation!

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payment methods


Prepayment in advance by bank transfer is one of the most popular payment methods in Germany and is offered by 95% of all merchants. At Micropayment your prepayment cash receipts are processed in real time.

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prepayment / bank transfer

Your prepayment solution

Prepayment is one of the most popular payment methods in the online business.

Prepayment by bank transfer is considered the safest payment method in online trading from the merchant's point of view. The consumer transfers the money and only after receipt of the purchase price, the goods will be shipped. For this reason, many online shops grant a discount when choosing this form of payment. Another added value: consumers with unfavorable credit ratings or who do not have a credit card can use this payment method as an alternative.

Of course, there is also the consumer´s risk with regard to the delivery of goods. Payment in advance by bank transfer should nevertheless always be part of a well-selected payment mix, otherwise the purchase termination rate is above average.

  • about 25% market share in the online area

  • usable in 34 countries

  • 10.000.000 transmitted bank transfer forms

smart chip
pay by bank transfer

Your lead with advance payment

Micropayment's prepayment system allocates all incoming payments fully automatically to orders. You have no manual effort with this payment method.

Overpaid amounts are intelligently recognized and returned directly to the consumer. In case of insufficient deposits, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the consumer.

smart prepayment system

The Micropayment prepayment system allocates bookings instantly and without detraining with lightning speed. As a result, in advance, bookings within the same bank code range often only take a few minutes between the purchase and the payment confirmation.

With the transparent Micropayment prepayment system, all involved parties are optimally informed. The consumer will be informed by e-mail and via a separate status page. The merchant can view all payment details in his ControlCenter at any time and will be informed live about all results by server notification.


benefits for your consumers

secure input

payment without entering sensitive data

customer Price

firmly established at the consumer

bank transfer forms

comfortable thanks to pre-filled bank transfer form

Payment plugins for your shop

Bank Transfer - Simply integrate and pay.

You already have a shop software in use and would like to integrate further payment systems? We offer you a fast and comfortable solution with our ready-to-use payment modules.

Overview of the shop plugins


Discover our diversity!

Online payment made easy, quickly integrated and ready for use - ready-to-use payment windows and preconfigured shop plugins allow immediate action In addition, Micropayment also offers white label APIs and interfaces for integration into numerous existing systems.

With our API solutions, you adjust your incoming payments exactly as you wish

Register as a partner and benefit from our experience and solutions. Our products are constantly evolving and optimized to provide the best possible efficiency.

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    you individual payment

    Our payment systems are offered as ready-made web solutions. The integration of Micropayment payment systems ist therefore really easy.

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    This payment method can also be accessed via our
    API interfaces. The connection to our interfaces results in unimagined freedoms.

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    pay securely on the net

    Micropayment actively protects merchants against fraud and fake bookings. Depending on the payment method and service, appropriate security modules are used or optionally offered.

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    possible industries

    PAYMENT SERVICE FOR YOUR INDUSTRY - as individual as your customers.

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    PCI: DSS certified

    The IT infrastructure and the complete application level of Micropayment has been certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI: DSS) Level 1.

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  • Online Trainer GmbH - Sven Faltin und Benjamin Sattinger
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    OTL - Online Trainer GmbH

    Sven Faltin und Benjamin Sattinger


    "Micropayment automates our payment methods and makes our everyday work easier.
    We can offer our customers a variety of modern payment methods - safe, professional and optimised for mobile devices. [ read interview ]

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  • XSOLLA - Dmitri Bourkovski
    Micropayment: XSOLLA

    Dmitri Bourkovski

    Business Development

    "Micropayment has been providing us with excellent support since 2010." [ read interview ]

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  • OnlineFussballManager GmbH - Maik Dokter
    Micropayment: ofm
    OnlineFussballManager GmbH

    Maik Dokter


    "Support is an important issue for us and we keep the support for our customers as short as possible.
    That is why we appreciate the close and uncomplicated cooperation with Micropayment." [ read interview ]

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individual advice

Ready for your next project?

We can support you in the following points with a strategic partnership:

  • market-oriented realization of new products & projects
  • building strategic cooperation communities
  • planning, coordination and optimization of payment transactions
  • analysis and forecast of the current target market
  • figuration of your products in international markets

We would like to help you.

Best possible advice is our mission. We support you in the realization and marketing of your productse. Please call:

(0800) 5 770 371

free of charge from German landline

Integration made easy.

Do you have questions about our payment methods or about the use of our systems? Please contact us by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible.

Merchants & shop owners

Conditions and prices

Your conditions depend on the line of business of the product or the service, the transaction volume and the average amount of the payment. With this information, our sales team is able to find the right condition model for your project. Contact us for your personal offer.

We are looking forward to your contact.

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maximum automation

Minimal expense for you and your accountancy through the method of prepayment of Micropayment All data is read out in real-time. Within seconds, payments are recognized and assigned. In case of shortfalls, the buyer is automatically asked for correction.

Also, if a buyer ever forgets to pay, he will be kindly reminded by email from Micropayment.

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no minimum or maximum amounts

Micropayment allows you full freedom in your pricing. When paying in advance you do not have to keep to a minimum amount or a maximum amount. Define your prices steplessly.

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incoming payments in real time

For the prepayment option of Micropayment, the payment transaction data is permanently read out. As soon as the payment has been received from a buyer, you will receive the corresponding message in order to immediately start your goods / service.

The costly monitoring of incoming payments via online banking or bank statement is no longer necessary.

Overpayments or underpayments will also be detected and clarified with your buyer.

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cancellation-free payment

A prepayment via bank transfer is initiated by the buyer and therefore can not be canceled. All payments received in advance will therefore be paid to you without any reversals.