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Payment glossary

Please note: This payment glossary exists only in the German language.

Do I have to cancel Micropayment?

For end customers

If you are not a website operator but user of a website, please note that Micropayment is used exclusively as a technical payment service and does not conclude contracts with consumers. A termination against Micropayment therefore does not have the desired success. Instead, please direct your notice to the website operator.

With the payment method "HandyPay", which means payment by SMS, you also have special control over your transactions. We support you with a complete list of all subscriptions to your mobile phone number, in which Micropayment is used as a technical payment service provider, on the website You can manage your subscriptions there and cancel them at any time with just one click.

For merchants

You want to end your cooperation with Micropayment? We regret that very much. Please contact your personal Micropayment contact or write directly to We will process your cancellation promptly.