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Attention! There are currently mails in circulation, supposedly from Google, which state our mail domain as the sender. Please do not open the links in these mails under any circumstances! Please use the possibility to report these mails as phishing in your Gmail account. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Better. Easy. Payment.

online payment processing for your business

Optimize your payment processes with Micropayment and save time and money. At Micropayment you get ready-to-use online payment solutions for your individual requirements.

How do you succeed in selling online?

Customer-orientated solutions for online payments.

Can your customers pay everywhere?

Offer payment-possbilities for all types of devices.

How much do you know about your payment processes?

Maintain a precise overview of your sales figures at all times.

Where are your data?

Keep your consumer data secure in a german data centre.

all payment methods from one source

Payment methods for your individual needs

Every customer has a "favorite payment method" to pay for their purchases. The more customized your payment method is to your business, the greater the likelihood that the buyer will complete the payment process in your online store. Offer your customers a balanced payment mix and get advice from Micropayment GmbH.

The Micropayment GmbH is a full service payment provider that manages all the online payment challenges - from software implementation to payment transaction technical execution to meaningful analytics and statistics - all from a single source.

Choose from nine different payment systems that are equally tailored to the eCommerce and paid-content areas, or use the customized consulting service.

Micropayment GmbH offers you ready-made web solutions, pre-configured shop plug-ins, white label APIs and interfaces for integration into numerous existing shop systems - payment as individual as you.

Micropayment payment methods

Online payment made easy!

Better. Easy. Payment.

The Micropayment payment methods are offered as ready-to-use web solutions - integration into your webshop is child's play now. Use the ready-to-go web solutions as direct link, popup or iframe. The "Micropayment payment window generator" creates the complete payment window for integration into your webshop within a few clicks.

You can individually configure all payment windows using the "Micropayment payment window generator" and adapt them to your existing internet presence. You can choose between several individual designs, customize the background color and of course use your own logo.

Configure your own payment window for your website today and start with Micropayment now.

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creditcard example

payment with credit card

You would like to use the payment method credit card with the highest PCI: DSS certification for your online shop? Use Micropayment GmbH! For more information, click here.

sepa example

payment via SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debit is particularly popular in Germany when paying online. Benefit from the experience in handling online direct debits from Micropayment GmbH! Learn more.

onlinebanktransfer example

Payment via Online Bank Transfer

The Online Bank Transfer is ideal for paying high-priced goods and digital content with instant content sharing. Use the individual interface for this payment method with Micropayment GmbH! Learn more .

prepay example

Payment via bank transfer

Prepayment by bank transfer is one of the most popular payment methods in Germany and is offered by 95% of all german online merchants. Micropayment processes your prepayments receipts in real-time, which means, you always have an up-to-date overview of your payment transactions. See here for more information.

paysafecard example

paysafecard payment

Win new customers with paysafecard , which you could not supply with other payment methods. Paysafecard is especially popular with young buyers and gamers. Use first-class solutions for paysafecard with Micropayment GmbH! Learn more .

paypal example

payment via paypal

Take advantage of a full payment service provider when using paypal and get full access to Micropayment GmbH`s advise. For more information, see here .

call2pay example

payment via phone

The payment method pay by phone was created by Micropayment especially for paid, digital content such as eBooks, onlinegames, accesses developed on community platforms or premium areas. Learn more here!

handypay example

payment via SMS

The method of payment SMS payment is suitable for amounts up to 30 EUR and is only available for the sale of digital goods and services. Use the individual options of this payment method with Micropayment GmbH and find out more here!

  • payment with credit card
    creditcard logo
  • payment via SEPA direct debit
    sepa logo
  • Payment via Online Bank Transfer
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  • Payment via bank transfer
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  • paysafecard payment
    paysafecard logo
  • payment via paypal
    paypal logo
  • payment via phone
    call2pay logo
  • payment via SMS
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Our offer - as flexible as you!

We make payment possible!

Micropayment product reviews
  • German Doctors e.V.. - Markus Rödel
    Micropayment: German Doctors e.V.
    German Doctors e.V.

    Markus Rödel

    Online Fundraising

    "It is crucial for German Doctors that an online payment system is user-friendly
    and not perceived as a hurdle by the donor." [ read interview ]

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  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V. - Van Ngoc Nguyen
    Micropayment: Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.
    Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.

    Van Ngoc Nguyen

    Lead fundraising

    "Micropayment is a longstanding and reliable partner of the Federal Association of the German Red Cross.
    Professional management, expert advice and customer-oriented service are some of the service provider´s strengths." [ read interview ]

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  • Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. - Thilo Reichenbach
    Micropayment: Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.
    Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.

    Thilo Reichenbach

    Head Specialist Team Brand & Online

    "It´s very important to us that our credit card donations can be processed reliably and in complete safety.
    Our benefactors are sure of this, thanks to Micropayment." [ read interview ]

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  • smartsteuer - Jan Stanetzki
    Micropayment: smartsteuer
    smartsteuer GmbH

    Jan Stanetzki

    managing Director

    "The online payment system should be quick to integrate and easy to test.
    It should be directly integrated to be able to process credit card payments without any problems." [ read interview ]

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  • wikimedia - Till Mletzko
    Micropayment: wikimedia
    Wikimedia Germany

    Till Mletzko

    Lead Fundraising

    "Micropayment supports Wikimedia during transactions for once-only and regular credit card donations.
    These donations are largely derived via the online donation campaign in Wikipedia." [ read interview ]

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  • upjers - Klaus Schmitt
    Micropayment: upjers
    upjers GmbH & Co KG

    Klaus Schmitt

    managing Director

    "With Micropayment we can offer many different payment types
    through a single interface, and what´s more, it´s easy to use." [ read interview ]

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  • gameduell - Falco Kübler
    Micropayment: gameduell
    GameDuell GmbH

    Falco Kübler

    Payment Manager

    "The solutions offered by Micropayment as a payment service provider are ideal for us,
    since this cooperation allows us to offer a diverse range of payment options preferred by our customers. [ read interview ]

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easy payment - always and everywhere

easy payment - always and everywhere

Our payment solutions fully documented for you

Provide your buyers an up-to-date, mobile-optimized and customer-oriented payment solution.Use the conversion-optimized, finished payment solutions from Micropayment and customize your Micropayment-payment windows according to your wishes.

Of course, all payment solutions can also be addressed via APIs of Micropayment. The programming of the Micropayment-interfaces results in unimagined freedoms. Build your own design or use "payment-solutions" as a subscription solution. For more information, see the Micropayment GmbH techdoc Center.

go to techdoc center

Trust the industry expert!

We would like to help you!

We are here for you!

Best possible consulting is our mission. From 9 am to 5 pm we provide you with important support for the integration of our systems and the realization of your company success at the following telephone number:

In a strategic cooperation we support you in the following points:

  • market-oriented realization of new products und projects
  • building strategic co-operation partnerships
  • planning, coordination and optimization of payment transactions
  • analysis and forecasting of the current target market
  • internationalization of your payment processing
  • Thomas Knoth - Micropayment

Thomas Knoth

Chief Sales Officer

Contact us!

  • Daniel Trommer - Micropayment

Daniel Trommer

Vice President Sales

Contact us!

Let us advise you for free!

Do you have questions about Micropayment or how to use our payment systems? We love to help you. You can reach us via the following channels:

  • Carsten Kessel - Micropayment

Carsten Keßel

senior support engineer

Mail to Support

  • Robert Kühn - Micropayment

Robert Kühn

senior support engineer

Mail to Support

Micropayment GmbH - your payment service provider

Focus on your core competency an let Micropayment GmbH process your payments. As an international payment service provider (PSP), we have many years of expertise in terms of paying on the internet. The know-how of our employees gives you more freedom for your day-to-day business.

10 perfect reasons for a partnership

Individual advice is the best basis for sustainable success!

An integral part of our mutual success is - besides the perfect technical realization of payment systems - a comprehensive and individual consultation. For this purpose, competent consultants are available daily.

Die Micropayment GmbH is more than just a payment service provider!

Learn more about us.

Micropayment GmbH logo

Micropayment GmbH

established: 2005
employees: 21-50

Employee wanted

We are looking for motivated personalities and offer diverse career opportunities.

New technologies. Various project fields. Online payment industry. This all you find exciting? Then become part of the Micropayment family and invent with us a new world of digital payment.

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