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Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

Maintenance work on February 25th, 2021 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Magento Shop-Plugin

Available payment methods for this shop version:


The following steps are necessary to implement the Micropayment payment modules. All the details on how to integrate them are covered in later sections of this manual.

  • 1

    Sign up for free of charge and without obligation in the Micropayment ControlCenter.

  • 2

    Use the Micropayment merchant access to create your project(s) under
    Configuration → Projects. The registered projects are reviewed by our risk team as quickly as possible.

  • 3

    Activate your project. After you have applied all the settings, all payment methods will be available in test mode.

  • 4

    Request the required payment methods via
    Customer data → Contract information → Payment methods.

  • 5

    Configure the desired payment methods under
    Configuration → Payment methods.

  • 6

    After your account has been authenticated, our service will be fully available to you for LIVE operation.

You can use all payment methods in test mode at any time. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help.


To install the payment modules, you will need to access the shop software files.
Connect to your web server’s file system for this, for example via FTP.

Begin installation:

You can upload the module for Magento directly via FTP.

  • 1

    Unzip folder

  • 2

    Files in the directory
    app → code → local

  • 3

    Next step: Configure the payment methods in the Magento backend

Configure the payment methods in the Magento backend

After you upload the plug-in, please empty the shop system cache → Cache management



Micropayment plug-in: System → Settings → Sales / Micropayment configuration
Configure the payment methods in the Magento backend

Settings for the individual fields in the Micropayment configuration mask:

Account ID:
Enter your 5-digit account ID for Micropayment here.

Project ID
Open the project in the Micropayment ControlCenter under Configuration → Projects and copy the project ID listed there.

Micropayment plug-in configuration settings

Access key
You can find the access key in the Micropayment ControlCenter under Configuration → Access key.

Configure the Micropayment access key

Test mode
Activates or deactivates test mode

Free text / payment reference
Description of the order for the customer’s payment reference. If left blank, only the order number [orderId] will be used. Optionally, you can add your own text. Example: “[orderId] - Your order from”.

Theme template
The themes X1 (default) or X2 are available for to be displayed for redirections. You can find more information in the Micropayment ControlCenter under
Help → Payment window & themes.

Micropayment web solution theme layout

Micropayment domain
depending on your Micropayment account number, select Micropayment GmbH (.de) from numbers ranging from 0-49999 orMicropayment AG (.ch) for numbers ranging from 50000-99999.

Logo in the payment window
You can store your own logos (Theme X1 only) in the Micropayment ControlCenter (Tools → Payment window images) and enter the gfx code here.

Background colour
Enter a different colour code (hex value) here if required. You can find more information in the Micropayment ControlCenter under
Help → Background image.

Background image
Set the background image for redirections here. You can find more information in the Micropayment ControlCenter under
Help → Background image.

Secret word / security field
You can find the secretfield in the Micropayment ControlCenter under
Configuration → Payment methods → Payment method event → Configure project → Parameters: Notification URL → Edit option

Payment method configuration in the Micropayment ControlCenter

Credit card / SEPA direct debit / prepayment

Micropayment - Project settings
Before you can use the Micropayment payment plug-in, you have to apply some settings in the Micropayment ControlCenter.

Settings must be applied for all payment methods you intend to use. Credit card, SEPA direct debit and prepayment have different configurations from the other payment methods.

Configure payment method:
To configure the payment method, go to Configuration → Payment methods and select Credit card → API.Event / Direct debit → API.Event / Prepayment → API.Event.

Configure Micropayment payment methods

Notification URL:
Enter the following notification URL here:

Direct debit
Direct debit


Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer

Activate the payment method
To do this, click on “Information on using the API” and agree to the information. Save your settings.

Activate the Micropayment payment method

Access authorisation
You need to authorise communication between your shop and Micropayment. To do this, open Configuration → Access authorisations and then select “New access authorisation”. Enter the IP address of your shop server here.

Micropayment access authorisation

Payment methods

All payment methods that you want to use in the shop must be configured and activated. Please select the event option for the other payment methods (e.g. SOFORT - Event, paysafecard - Event etc.).

Payment method configuration in the Micropayment ControlCenter

Activate the desired payment method


Enter your shop URL as the API URL:


Please enter the following values for these payment methods under “Parameter: Notification URL”.

Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
SEPA Debit
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Online bank transfer.
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Bank Transfer
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
transactionId = __transactionId__
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__
Telephone / Call
Name   Value
orderid = __$orderid__

Options → API URL: Activate the sending of additional data here.


Advanced security: Enable this option.


Test mode: Activate / Deactivate - must be active if you want to carry out test orders in your shop module. You can find the test data generated here in the Micropayment ControlCenter under Help → Test mode.

Error & abort URL: Enter your URL for the checkout here

Activates the payment method in the Shop System → Settings → Sales / Payment methods.

The configuration in the Micropayment ControlCenter has been completed.

We hope you enjoy your Micropayment plug-in.

General notes

Payment via the Micropayment modules can be made in the currency € (EUR). If you offer other currencies in your shop, this value will be converted, or for payment via credit card, a currency terminal must be requested.

Payment status: Initiated payment with Micropayment
The customer has initiated an order. An order can have this status permanently if the customer leaves the payment window and does not complete the payment process.

Payment status: Prepayment, outstanding. Deadline till year-month-day
Order was placed with prepayment. This is displayed if no payment has been received for a prepayment order. The date displayed here indicates when the prepayment order expires.

Payment status: Payment complete. 00.00 EUR Auth xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Order has been paid. The payment amount and the internal Micropayment authentication key are shown. This can be used in the ControlCenter to process the payment.

You can find payment modules for other shops on our website at Payment Plug-ins for your Online Shop

Detailed functionality & additional features

Credit card, SEPA direct debit & prepayment

You can use the Full Payment Gateway from Micropayment to integrate the payment methods “credit card” and “SEPA direct debit” “prepayment” seamlessly and directly into your checkout process. Among other things, it is possible to process and place an order as a one-page checkout.
Detailed functionality & additional features

Custom image for your payment window

You have the option to save a custom 200x200px image in the Micropayment payment window. This image is accessed via an image code. You can upload it in your Micropayment ControlCenter under the menu option Tools → Payment window images. In the following step, the generated code (ID) is stored in your configuration as an image code.

Custom image for your payment window

Integration made easy.

Do you have questions about our payment methods or about the use of our systems? Please contact us by e-mail. We will reply as soon as possible.

(0800) 5 770 371

free of charge from German landline

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