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Payment interview Randgruppe GmbH

Payment service provider complete package

"For us as a shop-system developer, the integration itself is initially in the focus
and a really good communication with our partner is very important for this."

Randgruppe GmbH
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č

Michael Maa├č

company presentation Randgruppe GmbH

For over 10 years we have gained experience in the planning, implementation and marketing of Internet applications in various agencies and start-ups. Our technical know-how ranges from the creation of simple websites to the development of complex web applications - such as shop systems, portal and intranet applications.

In addition to the purely technical aspects, we advise on project planning and implementation. This is how we ensure that you receive services and products that are optimally tailored to your company. Our references show what is possible.

Randgruppe GmbH
Stellingdamm 39 | 12555 Berlin

Randgruppe GmbH
What are your needs for online payment systems?
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č
For us as a shop system developer, the integration itself is initially in the foreground and for this good communication with the interface partner is very important and therefore one of the most important requirements. Support is also an important point for our customers. Only then do we come to the price.
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č
What does your company offer its customer and what makes you and your services special?
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č
In contrast to other open source shop systems, the development of a shop system was not the starting point for us, with which only the system is developed but the customer is left alone with it. We see our free system as an introduction, because ultimately an online shop, if you want to be successful, incurs costs similar to those of a permanent shop. It's just distributed differently and you can start with less budget. Thus, with our company, we are also available as a service provider when the first successes are available and the individual requirements are to be implemented. Because who should be more familiar with the system than we do?
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č
How is Micropayment supporting you in your daily business?
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č
We integrated Micropayment into our Randshop as a payment interface very early on, as we were already enthusiastic about the support and support back then. This has lasted to this day and of course it benefits our customers who rely on this payment service provider. It is very pleasant to know, when our customers have problems, that a solution will be worked out together. Currently we have added the missing direct debit payment method this year and were well supported here as usual.
Randgruppe GmbH | Michael Maa├č

Randgruppe GmbH uses the following Micropayment payment methods

  • Micropayment - CreditCard


    • Average amount over 80 EUR
    • transactions from 150 countries
    • more than 1.000 established credit card terminals
    learn more
  • Micropayment - SEPA Debit

    SEPA Debit

    • professional mandate management
    • available in 34 countries
    • 70 million reachable customers in Germany
    learn more
  • Micropayment - Online Bank Transfer

    Online Bank Transfer

    • 35.000 merchants
    • more than 3.000.000 tansactions per month
    • more than 20.000.000 users
    learn more
  • Micropayment - Bank Transfer

    Bank Transfer

    • about 25% market share in the online area
    • usable in 34 countries
    • 10.000.000 transmitted bank transfer forms
    learn more
15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

15,000 merchants already use Micropayment payment systems!

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