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Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

Maintenance on 02/25/2021 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. This can lead to severe restrictions and failures in our services.

Maintenance work on February 25th, 2021 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

debtor management as versatile as your business

The number is the essence of all things.

The number is the essence of all things.<br><small>(Pythagoras)</small>

Micropayment offers you full transparency thanks to a comprehensive accounts receivable management system - you always keep an eye on your cash flow with it.

Micropayment provides an easy-to-use dealer access, the so called ControlCenter an intuitive and modern analysis tool with full details of your real-time transactions, countless filtering and exporting options, and a quick session search. The highly functional API allows all information about your transactions to be queried through the interface and transferred to your accounting system.

All details on customer data, cash receipts, successful or rejected transactions as well as chargebacks are visible to you at any time and are reported back to your system via webhooks.

  •   single transaction statistics in real time
  •   freely definable observation periods
  •   customer and payment data for all transactions
  •   payment history of subscriptions & collection cases
  •   filter functions for countless parameters
  •   quick session search for individual cases
  •   export functions for preparatory accounting
  •   server communication via webhooks with transaction result

Data export - individual and automated

more than just files and numbers

more than just files and numbers

Micropayment offers different transmission paths and file formats for the compilation of personalized reports.

Simplify and automatize your bookkeeping or use the provided data for your tax accountant, for account reconciliation or for integration into SAP, Lexware, Navision or DATEV.

All Micropayment exports comply with the legal requirements and thus give you a high degree of legal certainty. In addition, we provide you with a completely reconditioned export for Mini-One-Stop-Shop (MOSS) to report the EU sales tax (VATID).

Exports can be provided in a variety of ways: both as an automatic report via email, download via FTP server as well as direct statistics export from the Micropayment ControlCenter.

We clarify the required details of your personalized export in advance, so that only the relevant information is processed. The export data are available in the file formats XLS, XML, CSV and SOAP and can be delivered to you daily, weekly, every 14 days or monthly, as required.

the Micropayment partner settlement

all positions of your payment processing at a glance

all positions of your payment processing at a glance

On the tenth day of each following month, we will automatically provide you with your Micropayment partner settlement with sales-, charge- and paid positions, splitted to payment method and country. This will be automatically sent to you by email and optionally by post.

As an option, we will set up a virtual bank account at our partner bank FinTech Group Bank AG. You will receive a bank statement with all information about your transactions in order to prepare them for account assignment or, for example, to make them available to your tax office.

  •   monitoring of payment transactions in real time
  •   extensive export options via your ControlCenter or the API
  •   simplify your accounting and billing processes
  •   cost and resource savings through automation

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