Ein Team - alle Stärken

individuell, flexibel & dynamisch

Andreas Richter - micropayment™
Andreas Richter


Kai Thiemann - micropayment™
Kai Thiemann


Claudia Wolff - micropayment™
Claudia Wolff


Thomas Knoth - micropayment™
Thomas Knoth

Head of Sales

Daniel Trommer - micropayment™
Daniel Trommer

Vice President Sales

Patrick Thees - micropayment™
Patrick Thees

Key Account Management

Alexander Ewert - micropayment™
Alexander Ewert

Account Management

Jessica Poch - micropayment™
Jessica Poch

Head of Office

Heike Wietrzychowski - micropayment™
Heike Wietrzychowski


Josefine Spengler - micropayment™
Josefine Spengler

Head of Legal Department

Julia Malinski - micropayment™
Julia Malinski

Finance Office

Antonia Linsel - micropayment™
Antonia Linsel

Legal Department

Angelina Dahl - micropayment™
Angelina Dahl

Legal Department

Carsten Kessel - micropayment™
Carsten Kessel

Integration & Support

Robert Kühn - micropayment™
Robert Kühn

Backoffice & Support

Stephan Schade - micropayment™
Stephan Schade

UX / UI Designer

René Fehling - micropayment™
René Fehling

Junior Webdesigner

Yves Berkholz - micropayment™
Yves Berkholz

Core Development

Guido Franke - micropayment™
Guido Franke

Core Development

Holger Heyne - micropayment™
Holger Heyne


Nicolai Wölk - micropayment™
Nicolai Wölk

Financial Development

Ramona Görner - micropayment™
Ramona Görner

Java Developer

Tobias Eilers - micropayment™
Tobias Eilers

Shop Developer

Sebastian Meiser - micropayment™
Sebastian Meiser

Junior Developer

Frank Neudörfl - micropayment™
Frank Neudörfl

Network Administration

Dana Herbeck - micropayment™
Dana Herbeck

Junior Network Administration

Enrico Bartlomyzak - micropayment™
Enrico Bartlomyzak

Safety & Health Management